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The Port of Massawa facilities has 6 operating berths with more than 1,007 meters of quay line. The Berths are normally used by ocean going vessels handling Bulk Cargo, General cargo, Container, and Ro/Ro goods. The berths all together can accommodate about 6 ships at a time. The Port can also accommodate ships with 11.8 meters Draft and 240 meters long. Berths are equipped with underground water, electric and telephone supply networks to facilitate ships calling the port.

  1. Commercial harbour : Depth of water at mean low water springs (MLWS) and length of berths
    are shown below :

  2. Berth No Purpose Length Depth
    1 Conventional 176 4.9
    2 Ro/Ro Conventional 150 7.4
    3 Ro/Ro Conventional 137 8.7
    4 Conventional 137 8.0
    5 Container Conventional 186 8.5
    6 Container Conventional 208 12.0

    General Cargo and Motor Vehicles

    The Port of Massawa has 605m of general-cargo wharves, which can handle break-bulk cargo, containers, motor vehicles and other roll on/roll off cargo.
    The Port of Massawa leases and manages Berths 1-6 with one stevedore loading and unloading ships at these berths, and manages cargo receival and delivery. The berths are equipped with 3 Rail mounted Shore Cranes , 3 conventional Mobile Harbor Crane (MHC) , and 2 mobile cranes.The container berth designated to accommodate some car carrier vessels and bulk cargo ships.

    Dry-Bulk facilities

    No special terminals, but bulk cargo can be discharged at the commercial harbor by graps, hoppers, and bagging machines.


    Most wet-bulk facilities at the port is for refined-products. Tam-oil and Total oil Jetties are used principally for imports.

  3. Oil Harbour : Depth of water at mean low water springs (MLWS) and length of berths are shown below :

  4. Description LAM(M) Draft(M)
    Tamoil Oil Terminal 185 8.84
    Total Oil Terminal 192 9.20

Container Terminal

The Port of Massawa has 2 container berths 5 & 6 (397m of quay line), which is leased and operated by 1 stevedore, and use automated container handling equipment. The Port has dedicated area for containers with capacity 4169 TEUS. The traffic of containers in this terminal is managed by robust Computer system (CTMS-Container Terminal Management System). Each slot in the container yard has its own label which enables the CTMS system to generate various reports and to perform so many functions.

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