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Ships must inform their local agent well in advance of the presence of armed security on board. On arrival the port facility security officer along with other authorities will board ship and the arms will be locked and sealed in the ship’s bonded stores till departure

Bulk mineral concentrates are brought to the port of Massawa using purpose built containers known as “Rotainers” and these are emptied using a state of the art technology that lifts, opens and finally rotates the “Rotainers” inside the ship’s holds

Ships can expect to load the mineral concentrates at an average rate of about 700 to 750 metric tons per hour

Ships can get up to date information on berthing prospects from their local agent by email, phone or VHF radio anytime

There are several international flights to and from Massawa/ Asmara and also various courier services that make the port of Massawa ideal for crew changes and parts delivery

1- From Maritime Ship Agency Services Corporation(MSASC) or Shipping Companies that undertake the carrying of the cargo
2- From Container/warehouse management Section of the Operation Division of MPA where the manifest of the arrived vessels are usually sent. But that is upon presentation of delivery order issued by MSASC for cargo location at the Terminal

Yes, you need a registered Clearing and Forwarding agent with custom licensed

Operation's Division through Corporate Affairs at the Port level or the Terminal Coordinator of the Port

Maritime Ship Agency Services Corporation (MSASC) through a freight forwarder
Email : mssegm@tse.com.er / msseship@tse.com.er

Click on link Port Tariff for details

Port security means protection of lives and property within ports and port facilities, and PSO is the Port Security Officer

All human traffic should go through the pedestrian gate for proper checking and identification to deny unauthorized persons from gaining access

CCTV is Closed Circuit Television for effective monitoring of activities within a given facility Recording of activities, Past event can be played back

Two days on the average depending on full set of shipping documents i.e.

  • Line B/L
  • Packing List
  • Marine Insurance

As the importer, you need to make necessary importation arrangements either before, or upon the arrival of your goods into the Port of Massawa. Your supplier, or the seller of the goods, should provide you with supporting shipping documentation and an estimated date of arrival for the goods. Using this you are required to make contact with the shipping line or freight forwarder shown on that documentation to discuss your options for Customs and Agriculture clearance, and any other arrangements you may require, including the payment of any local costs. If the shipping/freight company listed in the documents does not appear to have a local Massawa Port (or other Eritrean port) office, then you need to contact the relevant company to ascertain who is the local agent. You will require the original information regarding the goods, including:

  • Vessel and voyage number
  • Container number
  • Bill of lading or Waybill number
  • Departure date and estimated arrival date
  • Number of packages and description of goods
  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice (if relevant)
It is important to note the responsibility lies with you as the importer to make these arrangements as soon as possible. Failure to do so may incur expensive storage and/or other direct fees.

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