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TMPA’s Marine Environment and Safety Department strives to ensure Port Regulations and Acts on marine safety and environmental protection are enforced effectively in the port waters so as to safeguard and promote Eritrea’s status as a global hub port. This section provides information on various application procedures and guidelines for ship’s related activity which is commonly carried out in the port of Eritrea.
The port of Massawa has four recognized anchorage areas:

  1. The principal anchorage for the port of Massawa is 8 cables Eastward from Eastern extremity of Massawa Island in depth of 32 meters.

  2. Good anchorage in depth of 11-12m can be obtained in Khor Dakiliyat about 1.2 cable west-north wests of the head of Marina Pier

  3. Small vessels can anchor in the north western corner of Khor Dakiliyat in depths of 7-8 meters.

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