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Ship Operation


Pilotage Utility

Pilotage is mandatory for all vessels over 200GT entering & leaving the commercial harbour. Piloage will be available on 24 hours basis.

The pilot station of the Massawa Port is at 0.5 nautical miles measured eastwards from the entrance of the the port. VHF :Massawa Port Signal CH-16, Pilot CH-14. Shipping agents can be contacted on VHF CH-16

Pilots are equipped with modern Asmuzu stern drive, Tug boats called [ Sawa 2600 HP, Adulis 1800 HP, and Awet 1600 HP ] capable of handling ship loading more than 50,000 DWT.

Vessels using Massawa Port are required to observe the IMO conventions related to the Safety of Ships and Marine Environment.

Notice of Ship Arrival :

  1. A ship intending to call at Massawa Port shall give prior notice of arrival to seven days in advance, and final notice twenty four hours before arrival.

  2. Ships requesting medical aid or emergency refuge or ships under force majeure shall only give immediate notice.

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