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Masssawa is one of the ancient city ports on the Red Sea coast of Eritrea. Named “The Pearl of the Red Sea” it has been very important for many centuries; it has seen many colonizers including Egyptians, Ottoman Turks, Italians, British and Ethiopians until it was liberated by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Forces in 1990 by the famous Operation “Fenkil”.

The Italian colonialists built Massawa to become the largest and safest port on the east coast of Africa, and the largest deep-water port on the Red Sea and was made the Italian capital of Eritrea for some time.

The Port, situated along the busiest commercial routes, and with its closeness to the Strait of Bab Al-Mendeb adds to its strategic importance to merchant shipping traffic connecting the Red Sea, East Africa, the Mediterranean Region and Europe, Asia and the Far East rendering vast services to ocean liners and coasters.

Today the port of Massawa continues to become one of the modern cities in the country with its beautiful building, roads and port facilities. As a Multi-purpose Port, it is on a continuing process of enhancement to both its facilities and its comprehensive range of functions thereby raising its own performance bar year on year.


The commercial sea port of Massawa is situated on the northern shore of Massawa Island in Latitude 15o 37' N Longitude 39o 29' E and is connected to Taulad Island and hence to the mainland by a series of causeways. The port consists of three major sections, all of which are contained within the advertised port limits. These are:

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Port Area

Description Area [ M2 ]
Apron Area 29,434.00
Container Yard Area 74,426.23
Non-Asphalted Area 31,861.22
Building Area 154,348.00
Total Port Area 290,069.00

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