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Best Port services provider in the Red Sea Region with international standards providing efficient and cost effective operation systems.


The Port of Massawa, equipping itself with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and efficient, professional and motivated manpower, will achieve our shared vision of operational excellence, fiscal responsibility, and sustainable growth. Above all, we will remain responsible members of the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our customers, an excellent place to work, and an economic engine for the region.


  • Innovation : We embrace change and the opportunity to create. We relentlessly pursue new ideas to improve business.

  • Helpfulness : From a hand with the little things to lending perspective, experience, and expertise, our actions large and small make a difference.

  • Fortitude : We will be decisive, follow through, and work as one.

  • Accessibility : We let our customers and colleagues know we are there for them by act and deed.

  • Mindfulness : We lead with purpose, strive for continuous improvement, and take care of our stakeholders.

  • Sustainability: We are responsible stewards of all resources entrusted to our care.

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